Monday, February 17, 2014

Interview by Analicia Dominguez

Derek Thigpem
20 yrs
Music Major

1.     The university has a record enrollment of 35,568 students last semester. How has this increased enrollment affected you?
      "Trying to find space in all of my classes has been hard, especially in my music classes.

2.     Should the university continue to grow?
      "Yes I think that it should because it is always good to grow. Then i think that it shouldn't because then they will start charging more money.

3.     Did the size of the university influence your decision to come here? 
     "Yes the size really influenced me. I wanted to come to a larger campus and somewhere that was nearby to where i live in Austin. I am a music major so i wanted to get to know more people who shared my interest. 

4.    What do you plan to do after you graduate?
      " When I graduate I would definitely like to teach. I would ultimately like to get my doctorate in music and teach at a university. In addition to that I also want to play music on the side.

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