Monday, February 17, 2014

Source name: Sydney Afflitto
Race: Anglo
Gender: Female
Age: 18-25
Hometown: Montgomery, TX

Since Texas State University, has a record enrollment for 16 straight years, how does this affect you?
Texas State is becoming more popular and definitely played in one of the reasons why I choose it over the other universities that I was looking into.

What other universities did you apply to?
I got accepted to LSU (Louisiana State University) and SFA (Stephen F. Austin) and I choose Texas State because of it's diversity program. 

What is your major?
Well, it was nursing but currently it is early education.

Should the university continue to grow?
In order for it to adapt for all of the students that want to attend here, it definitely needs to grow.

The construction around here is not that big of a deal to you?
I mean it's a pain, especially with driving and stuff, but I think that parking is definitely an issue. In order to create more parking, there has to be construction. So, in the long run it will be okay.

Did the size of the university influence your decision to come here?
Yeah, for me LSU was too big. SFA is comparable in size and I am from a small town and both were bigger than I had ever been to, but not overwhelming. I enjoy how it is. But I think that in order for it to grow as a top university, it needs to expand and take in as many people as want to apply here. 

As the university is growing, do you believe that it will keep growing or eventually burst like a bubble?
No, I think it is definitely a good thing that it is growing. We're not the only university that is growing. I mean it is good for the school that so many people are wanting to apply and go here. So, I think it is a really great opportunity to keep expanding and spreading its spirit.

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